Full Tenancy and Property Management 

Why instruct us to manage your property?

We don't just manage your property, we manage your tenancy too. Our full management package enables you, the landlord, to free up valuble time. We will take care of all your tenancy needs and legal requirements, from 'Right to Rent' immigration checks, gas safety renewals, electrical installation reports, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, appropriate contractors, 'How to Rent' guides, EPC regulations, property inventories, appropriate tenancy agreements, deposit protection, serving of updated possession notices, and anything else which may change during your tenancy. This service will ensure that you and your property are compliant with all new tenancy legislation and your legal requirements as a landlord.

We are dedicated to improving the lettings experience for both landlords and tenants. Our modern approach to property management is a refreshing change, and really helps us to connect with landlords and tenants in a more personal manner.

Keeping you compliant 

Our full management service ensures that all of your duties as a landlord are carried out to keep you and your properties safe and compliant with the latest legislation, for example, 'Right to Rent' or immigration checks, gas safety renewals, electrical installation reports, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, appropriate contractors, 'How to Rent' guides, EPC regulations, property inventories, appropriate tenancy agreements, deposit protection, serving of updated possession notices, and anything else which may change during your tenancy.

Property inspections 

We can inspect properties at regular intervals to ensure your tenants are looking after your property. The frequency of these inspections is entirely up to you, although we recommend all new tenancies should be inspected every 3 months. All findings from inspections will be reported back to you.

Right to Rent checks

Landlords of properties throughout England must check that someone has the right to rent before letting them a property. All tenants aged 18 and over must be checked for the right to rent in the UK. Failure to comply with right to rent can result in a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Tenancy renewals

All tenancy agreements are handled by us on your behalf. This ensures that you are compliant with any changes in legislation.

Property maintenance

All of our contractors are accredited and carry public liability insurance for your protection from any claims. This means that you can be assured that anyone we send out to work on your home has been through our pre-approval system first to ensure they are competent and insured against loss or damage, in case there is an issue or an accident. We also have 24-hour repair reporting service for tenants to contact us at any time.

Managing rent arrears

Rent arrears are a real concern for landlords. However, they are actually quite rare, although sometimes things go wrong and sometimes tenants struggle with their rental payments and arrears may start to accrue. In this situation the Property Management Team are trained to deal with these issues specifically and a strict process has to be followed to ensure that you are honouring your tenancy, not harassing the tenants, abiding by any RGT policies and mortgage requirements, yet being active to ensure swift payment or resolution is sought. Our Property Management team will take care of all of this for you.

Check outs and deposit returns

This can be a contentious issue at the end of a contract and there are also many rules now on how deposits have to be protected. Here at Silverkey Property Management, we will take care of all of this for you and negotiate at the end of the tenancy to make sure that the property is back to its original condition (except for wear and tear, of course) and in the event of us not being able to gain an agreement, the matter will be referred to the Alternative Dispute Resolution team, as is required now.

What Silverkey Property Management do for you:

  • Full property marketing
  • All rents collected and arrears chased
  • Maintenance calls handled within 24 hrs where possible
  • All tenancy renewals negotiated
  • Deposits held and returns negotiated
  • Vacates and check-outs organised
  • Full admin & compliance issues handled
  • Inspections organised and landlord reporting

Your time is precious and the real beauty of having your property managed is that you are free to do what you want to do. The tenants will call us, not you; we will talk to any neighbours and council officials on your behalf , not you; leaving you free to spend time with your family or continue your work.

Basic Package £450 (Incl. of VAT) payable from first month’s rent.

  • Attending the property for a rental evaluation and to take photographs for marketing.
  • Local and National marketing, including a professional “To Let” board where appropriate.
  • Considering applications from prospective tenants, and guarantors (if required) in order to assess suitability.
  • Carrying out tenant referencing and credit checks.
  • Issuing a standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.
  • Collection of the first monthly rental payment and security deposit, and forwarding the balance to your chosen bank account.

On the Basic Package, It is your legal obligation as landlord to;

  • Carry out ‘Right to Rent’ Checks in accordance with the Immigration Act (2016)
  • Submit the deposit to a government approved deposit scheme within 30 days of the tenancy commencement date and supply the tenant with the prescribed information in accordance with the Deregulation Act (2015).
  • Issue your tenant with the correct and up to date version of the government’s ‘How to Rent’ guide, under legislation of the Deregulation Act (2015).
  • Provide copies of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), Gas Safety Certificate (Where applicable), and an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), under legislation of the Deregulation Act (2015).
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors ON THE DAY the tenancy begins, under legislation of the Deregulation Act (2015).
  • Carry out regular property inspections and keep records of findings, in accordance with the immigration Act (2016).
  • Please note that failure to comply with legislation and regulations surrounding your tenancy may not only render the serving of a Section 21 notice invalid, but also carries heavy financial penalties from £3,000 upwards, Banning Orders, and imprisonment.
  • If a tenant or anyone else suffers injury or death through neglectful practice, you will face a custodial sentence, fines and a banning order if you cannot prove that you have sufficiently safeguarded your tenants and the property, under regulations of the Consumer Protection Act (2016).

By signing for the Basic Package you agree that you are solely responsible for compliance with current legislation and regulations, with particular emphasis on The Deregulation Act (2015) and associated paperwork; the Immigration Act (2016) with associated paperwork; the Consumer Protection Act (2016); The Housing Act (2016); and EPC regulations.

Silverkey Property Management, therefore relinquish liability for any misleading or incorrect information or action supplied by the landlord to the tenant and the tenancy under the Basic Package.

Essentials Package Set-up fee of £450 (Incl. of VAT), then 14.4% (Incl. of VAT) monthly management fee.

The Essentials Package offers everything in the Basic Package, plus

  • Peace of mind for landlords wishing to have a hands off approach to compliance with current legislation and regulations, as we ensure compliance according to the terms of the package.
  • Carrying out Right to Rent checks in accordance with the immigration Act (2016).
  • Serving of all paperwork as required by the Deregulation Act (2015).
  • Issuing an advanced Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, including CPT clause and confirmation signatures for documents received under the Deregulation Act (2015) for landlord security.
  • Arranging annual gas safety checks.*
  • Arranging contractor visits for repairs and maintenance.*
  • Tenancy Renewals.*
  • Tenancy Check-in and Check out.*
  • Chasing Rent Arrears.*
  • Quarterly or bi-annual property inspections.* Inspections enable us to assess the tenancy and the property, and to keep records of findings in accordance with the Immigration Act (2016).

*Please note that these are additional pay as you go services as listed below. However, they are fully inclusive in our VIP Package.

VIP Package - Set-up fee of £510 (Incl. of VAT), then 18% (Incl. of VAT monthly management fee.

  • Our VIP Package gives you all the peace of mind of the Essentials Package (inclusive of additional services), and also offers a fully inclusive 1-2-1 meeting to discuss compliance.
  • HMO management.
  • A full property Inventory.
  • Tenancy start-up paperwork and smoke alarm testing to comply with the Deregulation Act criteria. This gives you complete peace of mind that should you need to issue a Section 21 notice at any time, you have complied with the necessary legislation and regulations.

The VIP Package is a fully inclusive management package and is the best option for full property compliance and safety.

*Additional Services and Fees (Inclusive of VAT).

  • Advice on your legal obligations as a landlord is a 1-2-1 session charged at £90.
  • Inventories start at £84 for an unfurnished one bedroom flat, or £108 for furnished. Each additional bedroom will incur increments of £18.
  • Carrying out ‘Right to rent’ checks in accordance with the immigration Act (2016). £30 per tenant.
  • Property inspections are available from £42 per inspection.
  • Arrangements of service contracts are charged at £18 per service ordered.
  • Check-in, including serving of all tenancy paperwork required under the deregulation act 2015 will be charged at £42.
  • Check-out including key collection is charged at £42.
  • Organising of gas, electrical certificates is £18 per certificate (Contractor charges apply).
  • Energy Performance Assessment for EPC start at £78. (retests are charged at £54).
  • Tenancy renewals are charged at £90.
  • Where a tenant is introduced to a landlord by means of an arranged viewing, a fee of £180 will be payable by the landlord, if the landlord offers a tenancy to the applicant at any time within the following 12 months.
  • Deposit registration/Return and issuing of prescribed information as required by law. £30
  • Preparing and signing an advanced tenancy agreement with CPT clause. £90.
  • Action against the tenant in the event of rent arrears or any other breach of terms and conditions within the tenancy agreement. £90 (Any legal action required for the same, must remain the responsibility of the landlord).
  • Section 21 notice: To include taking legal advice, drawing up the document, sending it via the post with proof of posting or hand delivery – all evidenced. £90
  • Section 8 notice: To include taking legal advice, drawing up the document, sending it via the post with proof of posting or hand delivery, compiling statement of truth – all evidenced, plus liaison with solicitor and the provision of all documentation required in preparation for court. £234
  • Full Court Claim for rent arrears including debt recovery action. £570
  • Attendance in Court. £330 per day.
  • Abortive Fees: Silverkey Property Management reserves the right to charge a fee of £420 where the Landlord withdraws from a letting after a suitable tenant has been introduced to the Property, to cover costs and processing charges. 
  • We may also receive commissions from: Contractors, Insurance Companies, Independent Financial Advisors, Referencing Companies, Solicitors, Utility Providers and Others. 


Stand Alone Services for self-manage landlords

We offer a range of stand alone services for landlords, without having to sign up for a management package. However, in order to ensure you remain fully compliant, we recommend our 'Essentials' full management package.

Energy Performance Certificates 

In order to let your property, it is neccessary to have an energy performance certificate. New regulations stipulate a minimum rating of E. We can produce energy performance certificates. Prices are inclusive of VAT;

1 bed property ~ £78

2 bed property ~ £84

3 bed property ~ £90

4+ bed property ~ £96

Tenant finder service 

We will market your property and supply your tenants with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement.

Tenant referencing and credit checks 

We will carry out credit checks with an approved credit referencing agency, as well as carrying out previous landlord and employment referencing.

Interim inspections 

Interim tenancy inspections help you to know the condition of your property at set intervals throughout the tenancy. These inspections also allow us to assess the property for compliance of gas and electrical installations, smoke alarms, and the people living in your property.


We will market your property and actively search for tenants, but we will leave viewings, referencing and compliance checks to you.

Deposit protection 

We will register your tenants deposit with a government approved tenancy deposit scheme.

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Our Rent Guarantee Insurance (RGI) will give you peace-of-mind that your rental income will be paid every month whether your tenants pay or not. It is not always bad tenants that may not pay their rent. Other factors such as illness, redundancy and accidents can affect a family income. So, by having this fantastic rent guarantee insurance, you can relax knowing that your rent will be paid. This service also includes; Repossession, property damage, eviction of squatters, rent recovery, rent arrears, legal defence, hotel expenses, and storage costs... all for just £140 per year per property

Rent Guarantee Insurance (includes eviction cover) 

This service includes £50,000 of Legal Expenses Cover to cover you against the costs and fees that would otherwise be incurred in the event that the tenant needs to be evicted. Includes Rent Arrears, Property Damage Cover, Eviction of Squatters, Rent Recovery, Legal Defenses, and Hotel & Storage Expenses.


We will initially view the property to assess its rental value. At this point we will answer any questions you may have and determine the most suitable service to meet your requirements. We will also be able to make recommendations where necessary that could potentially increase the rental value of your property. Our advice at this point is completely free and aimed at making sure you have a firm understanding of all your obligations before proceeding to let your property.

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