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Why Rent a property in Cornwall with Us?

Silverkey Property Management are the most modern lettings agency for property to rent in Cornwall. Our innovative services are designed to make renting in Cornwall as stress free as possible. From viewing a property in Cornwall to moving in, we can help you along the way by organising your utilities on your behalf through our distributorship with Utility Warehouse. That's not all, our online application forms make applying for a property to rent in Cornwall a simpler process. Once moved in, you have the comfort of knowing that if anything goes wrong, you have our online repair reporting system to hand. A simple online form to report repair issues or emergencies. We will be notified immediately your form is submitted. Please click on the link above to take a look at the form.


Once settled on a particular property you wish to rent, we will ask you to complete a written application form. The planned commencement date shall also be determined.

Tenant Application Form:

Guarantor Application Form:

Straight Forward Administration/Agency Fees with NO Hidden extras.

Fees are charged to all applicants to cover administration of credit checks and referencing. More information can be found on our fees page. These fees are payable upon submission of your completed applications. The fees for these services are non refundable.

Holding Deposit

In order to take the property off the market until the planned tenancy commencement date, a holding deposit is required. This will guarantee that Silverkey Property Management will not conduct any further viewings of the property. The holding deposit secures the Landlord against all reasonable costs incurred. Should you withdraw from the agreement,  fail to disclose any adverse credit, or fail to take up the tenancy within the agreed timescales then an appropriate sum will be calculated at a daily rate to compensate the landlord for loss of rent. This will be calculated from the day you submit your application forms. This is payable at the same time as the Agency Fee.


As part of the application, we will require written references to support the information you provide. This will usually mean contacting your employer, current or previous Landlord and someone to give you a character reference. We will also carry out a credit search, using an independent referencing company.

Should we decide a guarantor is required before a tenancy can be granted; the same process of referencing will apply to the guarantor.


Some landlords may wish to apply certain restrictions to a tenancy. Please find below some examples of typical restrictions that may be imposed:

  • Smokers
  • Housing Benefit
  • Students
  • Pets

You should be advised of any restrictions before an agreed viewing of a property takes place.

Self Employed Applicants

If you are self-employed, we will require a written reference from your bank and accountant. We will also require accounts, usually dating back 3 years.

Student Applicants

If you are a student who cannot prove a consistent and sufficient income, you will need a parent, relative or close friend to guarantee the rent and adherence to any other tenant obligation listed within the agreement.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

At the start of every tenancy we collect a deposit normally equal to a minimum of one month’s rent. This is used in the event of breakage or damage caused.

In accordance with the Housing Act 2004, Landlords are no longer permitted to retain a Tenant’s deposit and must select either an insured based or custodial based scheme in which to hold a Tenant’s deposit. A statutory certificate is then supplied to the Tenant advising on which approved scheme protects the deposit. This must be done within 14 days of the tenancy start date. Please speak to one of our representatives for further information.

Tenants Insurance

When renting a property it is very important to make sure you are covered by insurance for any damages that may occur. The landlords own insurance will not cover the tenant’s belongings. It will also exclude cover for if a tenant accidentally damages the Landlords property and therefore it could result in the loss of your deposit to cover the repairs.

Please speak to one our representatives for further details


Assisted Deposits

Assisted Deposits may be available upon request and at the discretion of Landlords. The Assisted Deposit enables tenants to pay a reduced fee (Non-returnable) as a cheaper alternative to paying costly rental deposits.

The Assisted Deposit is available from 


Rents are paid in advance and by standing order unless otherwise agreed by the Landlord / Agent.

Council Tax Rates - Rates stated are for properties in which two or more people are living.
Discounts may be available depending on your situation. Rates correct for 2016/17.

Band A = £1,079.84

Band B = £1,259.81

Band C = £1,439.78

Band D = £1,619.75

Band E = £1,979.69

Band F = £2,339.64

Band G = £2,699.59

Band H = £3,239.50