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We are members of The Deposit Protection Service (DPS). All deposits taken, where a Deposit Replacement Warranty has not been purchased, will be protected by the DPS custodial scheme.



We are members of The Property Redress Scheme

Letting fees information

Residential Lets

Silverkey Property Management charge administration fees to tenants. These fees apply to Credit checks, referencing of bank, guarantor (where appropriate), previous landlord and work place as well as application fees. Check-in, and tenancy renewals are offered free of charge. There are no hidden charges throughout the duration of your tenancy.

The standard fees are as follows:

Single applicant - £175.00

Second Applicant - £95.00

Per adult thereafter - £75.00

Guarantor (If required) - £75.00

Permitted Occupier* - £50.00

* A permitted occupier is someone who cannot be responsible for signing a tenancy agreement; i.e. A lead tenant under the age of 18, or someone who may not have the mental capacity to make an informed decision.

All fees are VAT free and must be paid by all applicants.

A pet deposit may be required, this is a standard deposit of £250.00

Commercial Lets

Single applicant - £200.00

Second Applicant - £95.00

Guarantor - £100

Other Fees

If professional cleaning is required at the end of a tenancy, there will be a fee of £14ph which will be deducted from your deposit. Any damages will also be deducted from your deposit.

We are now able to accept payments via Paypal to:

Please note: There is an extra £5 fee for Paypal payments.

Administration fees are non-refundable if;

  • In the event that your credit checks and/or references are unsuccessful (However, we will almost certainly offer the opportunity for you to use a guarantor if you have poor credit history).
  • You withdraw your application
  • You fail to take up the tenancy in the agreed timescale
  • You fail to pay a holding deposit and the property is rented to a third party

The acceptance of a Guarantor for security of rental payments is at the discretion of the landlord.

In order to take the property off the market until the planned tenancy commencement date, a holding deposit is required.

The holding deposit secures the Landlord against all reasonable costs incurred should you withdraw from the agreement, fail to disclose any adverse credit or fail to take up the tenancy within the agreed timescales. This is payable at the same time as the Agency Fee.

Assisted Deposits

Assisted Deposits may be available upon request and at the discretion of Landlords. The Assisted Deposit enables tenants to pay a reduced fee (Non-returnable) as a cheaper alternative to paying costly rental deposits.

For more information please call Paul on 01872 858498 or 07743 100409